White Rhinestone Leather Labels With Nickle Zinc Alloy Plate Wholesale

  • Product Code: STLT-0004
  • Size: As your requirement
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather
  • Leather Color: White Leather Label,Other Colors Leather
  • Product Details

Here, you can custom-made any creative metal leather Labels for your fashion item. Logo leather tags almost are the must-have fashion element of the jeans. But the jeans style determined character design of the brand metal leather tags. So just feel free to discuss your idea with our sales team and design team.  They may provide a good solution or inspiration of the design for the your clothes item. But if you have idea, the best way is sent the pictures to us. And tell us your idea details  about the metal leather labels:

Metal Size: It is totally customizable according to your request. 
Leather Size: It is totally customizable according to your request.
Metal Color: Gold, Gun, Nickle, Silver, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Black, White, And any other colors you like.

Leather Color And Pattern:

You should sent the picture to us (Because the pattern is understood beyond words), Or we give you some reference pictures for your choice
Quality Requirement:

Please tell us your quality requirement, if you have not idea, just contact us,we will give you a reasonable choice which is match your budget and your requirement.


The quality is one of the important factors which influences the price, So you should tell us. 

Usually, our MOQ is 5000-10000 PCS.

Now, Just click here to tell us the above information: custom-made metal leather labels, we will contact us ASAP. You can also direct contact us via WhatsApp, email, skype, phone.

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