Custom Leather Labels With Metal Logo Plates China Supplier

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather
  • Leather Color: Brown Leather Label
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Hello, Thank you for visiting. We are the metal buttons and hardware manufacturer, Although we do not product the leathers, We product the metal tags and put the metal and leathers together. Then a beautiful leather label has been brought into being. As a fashion clothing bags and jeans accessories. They are widely used in all fields of clothing, bags jeans. If you like any leather tags in our webstie. Just feel free to contact us, We will give you a most competitive price and perfect quality.

But If you do not have any affection for these product in website. Just sent the Picture you like to us, and tell us the following imformations, We will give you an accurate quotation.

  • 1.Size: Any sizes can be customized
  • 2.Meterial: The metal is zinc alloy usually, the leather is virous. We purchase leathers according to your requirement.
  • 3.Color:  Viours, according to the style you like.
  • 4.Quantity: Our MOQ is 5000-10000pcs. you should tell us your quantity.
  • 5.Quality: Tell us which quality do you need?

If you have no idea in these respects. Don't worry, Contact us now, our pre sales team will communicate with you ASAP, and give you the scenario that best suits your business needs.

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