Custom Engraved Logo Metal Brand Label Tags Manufacturer

  • Product Code: STMT-0005
  • Size: 3.3*0.07 cm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Technology: Barrel Plating
  • Metal Color: Antique Copper Labels
  • Product Details

If you are a wholesaler or business agent, Congratulations, You have have found the metal buttons and jeans metallic labels factory in here, Working with us, you may quickly find the following advantages:

1.Price advantages: Factory direct supply, the prices are competitive. We have helped a lot of business partner to rob the market share with competitive price. Especially the large distributors from  India and South America.

2.Quality advantages: Grab market share not just need the competitive price, also need stable quality, JMBUTTONS began as a family business since 1977. Now, after 10+ years development.  We have advanced management experience production flow and quality control means to provide customers with guaranteed high-quality buttons.

3.Services advantages: We provide custom-made, free design and free samples. Our production sectors will complete the production in 3-8 working days.

For more denim brand logo metallic tag labels, or any questions, Please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Custom Engraved Logo Metal Brand Label Tags Manufacturer

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