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  • Competitive Price

    Welcome to one of most professional button wholesale suppliers in China. We are the metal buttons and hardware manufacturer. Our buttons factory have 12 Zinc alloy die casting machines and automatic plating production line. It is located in Foshang City. In addition, we have a professional pre-sales, after-sales team sincerely at your service in Guangzhou Office! Purchase direct from us, your costs will be cuted 30 to 50%. You will not find lower prices, better quality anywhere else.

  • Best Quality
    JMBUTTONS began as a family business since 1997. Now, after 10+ years development.  We have advanced management experience production flow and quality control means to provide customers with guaranteed high-quality buttons and fastest speed. Quality is spirit and core of product. Supply of high-quality, low-cost products is our mission. These will allow you hold steady in the button wholesale market in the confidence in the victory.
  • Best Services
    We are available to serve you 24 hours a days and 7 days a week by email, phone, WhatsApp and so on. Our sales team will reply you asap once get your message, whether it is the weekend or off time. If you confirmed the sample. Our production sectors will complete the production in 3-6 working days. All products  have to undergo a rigorous testing system before sent out. Then our after-sale team will fallow up until you receive the goods and are satisfied.
  • Free Design&Sample

    Visit our product pages, you will find these dazzling design, quality and craftsmanship of our buttons and other hardware products. Then just tell us which products you like. We will sent you free samples if we have stock. If you do not find your favorite buttons or any hardware products. Just tell us the details of your requirements. Such as the logo, size, color, style you like and so on. The best way is sent us your favorite products pictures. We will offer the free design for you. Now, please keep free to contact with us.

PRODUCTION Process Of JM Buttons

  • 1.Buttons Design 1.Buttons Design The first step is design of buttons: This was done by JMBUTTONS design team on the basis of customer requirements.
  • 2. Make Button Molds 2. Make Button Molds The second step is make button molds: Our master workers will used the mold machines to make the button molds according to the computer mold drawing.
  • 3. Die Cast Buttons 3. Die Cast Buttons The third step is die casting buttons or other hardware: Our workers will used the die casting machines to produce blank products.
  • 4.Grinding & Polishing 4.Grinding & Polishing The fourth step is grinding and polishing.All metal buttons and hardware products need to rely on grinding, polishing can achieve beautiful and useful results. High-quality products should devote more time cost to this step.
  • 5. Plating & Oil sealing 5. Plating & Oil sealing The fifth step is Plating and Oil sealing. We use the technology of highlight barrel plating, or directly use rock plating to make shinier buttons. And every buttons will be sealed oil to ensure it won't fade for long time. So you will not shop any junk product from us.
  • 6. Assemble Buttons 6. Assemble Buttons

    Sometimes, This step is completed in front of the plating and oil sealing, to ensure that the face of button and the bottom of button in one color, And avoid the face of buttons to be shaven in assembly process.


  • Brain Smith
    Hi, My name is Brain Smith, I am from India, I have relationships with JMBUTTONS for 5 years. I like their quality of product and the service. We plan to maintain the cooperation relationship with this this supplier in a few years. and we are both committed to building a lasting framework of trust that will support a cooperative partnership for the next 10 years and beyond.
    Brain Smith
  • Mike
    Hi, I am Levi‘s customer. When Levi want me to write an reviews for your company. I think I would like to do that. 2008 is the first time we have done business, and it has been going on for many years. I've been to their factory in China. That was the first time I realized the produce process of buttons, Their quality control was so rigid that all buttons or hardware is good quality. We want to do more business with JMBUTTONS, with Levi Lin.

OUR location

Guangzhou OfficeGuangzhou Office

Address: NG037-039, 7/F, No.389, Ruikang Road, Haizhu, Guangzhou City, China
WhatSapp: 86-13824432775
Phone: 86-20-89103009

Foshang Button FactoryFoshang Button Factory

Address: NO.7, sicun, nanzhoubian, shangshui, Foshang City, China
WhatSapp: 86-13824432775
Phone: 86-18011892432


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